What about Soccer !

Soccer is the most played sport in the world with 2.65 billion people world wide.

270 million people play it professionally around the world and Euro Cups,Asia Cups etc and the main is the World Cup

Euro and Asian Cups come every year but the World Cup comes after 4 years.This year the world cup was in Russia and France won this year

Which International Team has won the most World Cups as of 2018
  1. Brazil Won:5 Years:1958,1962.1970,1994,2002

  2. Italy Won:4 Years:1934,1938,1982,2006

  3. Germany Won:4 Years:1954,1974,1990,2014

  4. Uruguay Won:2 Years:1930,1950

  5. Argentina Won:2 Years:1978,1986

  6. France Won:2 Years:1998,2018

  7. England Won:1 Years:1966

  8. Spain Won:1 Years:2010

The Most Valuable clubs of 2018

  1. Manchester United Worth:$4.12 Billion Nation:England One-Year Change:13% Revenue:$737 Million Operating Income:$254 Million

  2. Real Madrid Worth:$4.09 Billion Nation:Spain One-Year Change:14% Revenue:$735 Miliion Operating Income:$94 Million

  3. FC Barcelona Worth:$4.06 Billion Nation:Spain One-Year Change:13% Revenue:$706 Million Operating Income:$111 Million

  4. Bayern Munich Worth:$3.06 Billion Nation:Germany One-Year Change:13% Revenue:$640 Million Operating Income:105 Million

  5. Manchester City Worth:$2.47 Billion Nation:England One-Year Change:19% Revenue:$575 Million Operating Income:$133 Million

  6. Arsenal Worth:$2.24 Billion Nation:England One-Year Change:16% Revenue:$531 Million Operating Income:$178 Million

  7. Chelsea Worth:$2.06 Billion Nation:England One-Year Change:12% Revenue:$466 Million Operating Income:$67 Million

  8. Liverpool Worth:$1.94 Billion Nation:England One-Year Change:30% Revenue:$462 Million Operating Income:$93 Million

  9. Juventus Worth:$1.47 Billion Nation:Italy One-Year Change:17% Revenue:$442 Million Operating Income:$62 Million

  10. Tottenham Horspus Worth:$1.24 Billion Nation:England One-Year Change:17% Revenue:$387 Million Operating Income:141 Million